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Hi, I'm James

Husband. Father. Wing Tsun Student. Lawyer. Singapore.

I do my best work when I am empowering others to solve problems; finding structure in complex ideas; and thinking about building a better world.

In my free time, you can find me training martial arts, playing board games, drinking coffee.

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Personal Projects

Ideothetic Flow: My personal newsletter

My personal newsletter where I share personal updates and my reflections on life, mostly around finding an internal sense of security, to stop worrying or overcompensating, and directing energy towards being kinder to others.

Legislative Assistant to MP Louis Ng

I volunteer with MP Louis Ng's team working on parliamentary questions and speeches, and advocating for improvements to law and policy in Singapore. I focus on food donation, the environment, workplace improvement, and parenting. Do reach out to share your thoughts on policy, or if you have issues I can help raise.

WorkWizard : A free clinic for workplace issues

Through this platform, I provide free consults on workplace and employment issues such as reading contracts, helping with resignations, or dealing with problems at work.